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The POWER of your thoughts

Your thoughts have the power to change everything around you

We have all heard the phrase "You are what you eat" right? I would like to propose that "You are what you think you are." Did you know that whatever you MEDITATE (Think on), that will be your reality. And no matter what you hear, unless you renew the way you think you will always think that way, you will always be that way and things will never change.

You are what you think

Have you ever watched a movie, or a clip on the internet, or TV about someone that defeat the odds over their life, over their circumstances? No matter what happens they push through and refuse to see it any other way. By the end of the movie they have achieved something amazing over what should have set them back! That for example the movie Soul Surfer. The main character Bethany lost one of her arms due to a shark attack. Her life, her passion was all lost in one quick moment. After many set back, she began to believe in herself again. The fire of passion lite up in her heart and she wasn't going to stop until she over came all odds and got back into surfing again. Not only did she get back in the water and competed, she gets back onto the board again and surfs one of the largest waves that has hit the coast during the whole movie. She over came her circumstances by renewing her mind saying "I can do this!" We can achieve this too! We have to pay attention to our own thoughts, what we think. We have to chose to believe it, and it will become our reality. Think of it like this "Your thoughts have the power to manipulate or even completely change the reality around you." Your thoughts are almost as powerful as the words you speak.

How does this work?

Think of it like this, your thoughts create a gravitational pull around you. Almost like a force shield engulfing your entire body. And that gravitational pull you have around you will allow what you are thinking to manifest. So what you think becomes reality. If one thinks that there situation will never change then it will not change. If you believe that whatever your going though can indeed change, then it will change in your favor. Now it may take a little bit and wont occur over night but it will change. Your thoughts will even pull those around you that are in your favor to help change your current situation to a better one.

Have you ever heard a story about someone who just so happened to get discovered by some kind of talent search individual? The story goes something like "I was just sitting there doing my own thing, when all of a sudden I was approached by this person that said they were some Hollywood. That was the moment my life changed forever. I was on all kinds of talk shows, it was like the world was just waiting for me to show them my talent." This occurs because their thoughts cause an attraction, or a highlighting over them. So that when the talent searcher just so happened to walk by, they would catch their eye and discover the talent they were looking for. And they weren't even trying to step into the spotlight.

Ultimately you have the power to change any of your circumstances that you face.You can either harbor those thoughts in a negative way and get trapped there. Or you can use to your advantage, and change the world around you. I Challenge you to try it out on something small. Focus on whatever the situation is and think of how it could become better. Then from that point on out only think of the solution, not the problem. When you do this you shift your mind and renew to think in a positive way therefore allowing the solution to be attracted to you. Try it out and let me know how things go!

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