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The Attitude Of The Bride Of Christ

The Bride of Christ, what do we know about the Bride of Christ? I believe that this is an important question that we need better insight in the days in which we live.

God gave me this picture weeks ago. However I had to wait to release it when the timing was right. As I was painting this God kept speaking to me about the Bride of Christ and her mindset and attitudes. Let me share what He was speaking through it.

So lets first look at what/who is the Bride of Christ?

The Bride of Christ are the believers that believe that Christ died for their sins, and that He is coming back to take those that remain to heaven. So the Bride is the Church of God, and what makes up the church?? You, and I do. We are the Bride of Christ.

The Bride of Christ desires many things but above all the love that he lavishes on her and the final day....The Wedding Day. However as she waits for that day to approach she is on a mission. The mission of releasing the Kingdom of God and seeing others rising up and becoming the Bride of Christ. (please remember the term The Bride of Christ represents the believers of Christ. Not that he has several different types of brides but us coming together in unity, not separated by different beliefs, doctrines, or denominations. But us coming together in maturity in God. Because He isn't going to send His son (the bridegroom) back for a selfish, immature bride, that isn't ready nor worthy of His return.)

So to understand the brides mentality we have to understand the two different process the bride has go to through. 

First process, the immature bride. Everyone goes through maturity process, however, some either stay before the process, stay in the middle of the process, and some finally emerge from the process a complete different person than they were before. This represents when you first became born again. Your new and your still learning, and yes we should always be learning in our relationship with Christ, but this is when you first are getting your feet wet. She is learning her destiny, what her beloved did for her, and what He desires for her to do now. Its a wonderful process where her rags that were once all torn, and became tainted from the things in her life, became wash by the Blood of the Lamb, and now is the purest white that she could ever imagine. She is learning to forgive those around her, to love those less fortunate, to become a representative of the Lamb. That when people see her they see Him. Never hate the process, it's there in the process you find out what He is like, and how you become what He has called you to be.

The mature Bride. She trades all her earthly desires for heavenly ones. She stores her treasures in heaven where man cannot get a hold of it. She turns from sin because she doesn't want to hurt her beloved. She goes from victory to victory for the Kingdom of God, releasing His domain over all of creation. She stops for those hurting, and in need of the Father. She watches miracles happening before her eyes and never takes the glory for herself. She abandons all selfish and prideful agendas. She doesn't let discouragement creep in to hold her back, and never lets set backs stand in her way. She is on mission, the ultimate mission The Wedding Day. She longs to see her beloved but she wants to bring as many with her before that Great day. As much as heart beats for that day to arrive, her heart beats for all those around her. All those that live on the earth. She doesn't care about where they came from, what they look like, how they were raised, the mistakes that they have made, because she knows that she has made mistakes too, and if He can look past all those things, she can look past all those for them as well. Her eyes are pure, she doesn't put anything inside that will corrupt her. She watches day and night to be aware of what the evil one may be up to. Not to fear him in anyway (because she knows he has been defeat and do anything to her without the consent of her beloved one), but so that she doesn't fall for his tactics, and help others stay away from them. So that the Domain of the King stays and reigns, that His love, goodness, and mercy can reach all. She completely determined, and spends as much time as she can in the presents of the Bridegroom. She looks past what is currently going on and can see the day when she will be married to the bridegroom and spend all of eternity with Him.

So my question now is where are you in your relationship with Christ? Are you just starting out?? That is awesome, never despise great beginnings. Are you still in the middle of maturing? Don't stay there! There is so much more waiting for you once you get through that process. Or are you rising out of the process becoming mature in the ways of the Bridegroom? Let me clear something though. When becoming mature this doesn't make you perfect. There was only one being that was perfect in all His ways and that was Jesus Christ. But it means you you do make a mistake you turn from it, allow your mind to be renewed so that you don't fall back in those ways. You don't stay there, you don't get discouraged, You pick yourself back up and continue the mission.

I hope this helps you out. With everything going on in this world it's easy to pick sides, become offended, rage war, desire for those that have done you wrong to be punished, 

and to turn your back on God. Just remember that Jesus went through all of this. He had those that loved Him, and many people that did not. That planned His death, even one that was close to Him betrayed Him. There were those that spit on Him, whipped Him, caused Him harm more than we can imagine. But through all of that He never hated them, never wished bad things to happen, and didn't turn His back on God. But Loved them beyond their messes, whether they chose Him or not. Sadly this is something that we have lost along the way. I pray that you never lose faith, but be strong in the Lord. And rise up to be the Bride He is searching for.

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