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Make 2022 your year!

This is your year, and this is my year!! This is the year that you open the door to the future that you only dreamed about. Isaiah 22:22 "I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." That authority was then given to mankind, to the believers. You have access to open the doors that need to open so that you can walk through and accomplish those dreams placed inside you.

This is the year for change!

Have you been waiting for just the right to take that step? The truth is there will never be the perfect time to take it. Change is not easy, and it takes a lot of courage and strength just to take the first steps. It can feel uncomfortable, and it may not be easy, but if you don't, you will only stay in the same predicament you are in now. Many wait for that perfect moment and guess will keep waiting.

Why is 2022 any different?

A scripture that has been sticking out for me is Isaiah 22:22 (get it 22? lol). I have quoted it earlier in this blog, and it talks about taking the key then opening and closing doors! You, as believers, have the ability to close the door of 2021 all the struggles, hurts, negative impacts that were created and open a new door. The new door of 2022 will lead you through the hard process you endured in 2021 and start to see your dreams unfold. This year is the year of dreams, aspirations, big goals to be accomplished. I have been sharing all last year about being a Gatekeeper. A person that holds close to their gifts and talents that are inside them, knowing when to act, and when not to. I believe that year 2021 was the training ground. This year is when you get to let it all out!! You get to display who you are fully. To reach for the stars, to open the doors needed to walk this out. To have the strength to walk towards your dream and goals.

What's next?

Here's some advice to help you take those next steps and how to overcome setbacks.

1) Listen to that still small voice inside and take the step you have been afraid of doing.

2) Spend time doing some mindfulness and meditation practices.

3) Learn to SLOW down. Our society is in such a rush they miss out on the opportunities around them. If you want to know what the next step needs to be, you got to slow down and take the time to develop yourself. The world is waiting for you to reveal your true nature, the nature of the one that created you. But you have to realize what that is before you can give it to others.

4) Go against the "Status Quo." Those that have been successful in their own lives have learned to be themselves and do things differently. Learning to be creative even in small amounts will make a big difference.

5) Try something new! Have fun, and make sure that you schedule play. Play is not just for children. These were when our brains got to flow without barriers holding us back. We were able to create without judgment. So keep up a pencil and just doodle, create a herb garden, do something that makes you happy.

6) Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is just a learning opportunity for you. It's not the end result, at least if you do not allow it to be. If you allow failure to become your identity, you have lost the battle, and you may be in that battle for a long time until you figure out how to get past it. So DON'T allow it to become you but let it be your stepping block towards your future.

I hope this helps as you design what this year will look like. Again this is your year, don't allow fear to hold you back, and don't allow what others say to chain you down. Take the key and open that door!!

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