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How to become healthier by avoiding artificial substances!!

Many of the clients I encounter want to lose weight and feel good in their own body and I completely agree with them! You should feel good in your body for it is a one-of-a-kind temple that can’t be fully remade. So it’s very important to take care of it. Sadly though, what I see is that they decide to start a special diet like a popular one that they see on TV, FB, YouTube, from a friend, etc. The problem with these quick weight loss techniques is that they do not educate you on something very valuable, something that they like to keep a secret. Because of this secret, you get stuck using their brand foods only. This is no freedom with your diet. You might as well say that you are a slave to their company. Their food may sound good but I warn you... what really is in their brand?

For so long we were taught to watch the calories that we intake. For example the lower the calorie the better it is. This is something to keep in mind, that you don’t need to eat the highest calorie foods when your body doesn’t need them. Because it states “Lower Calorie” doesn’t mean that it's better or healthier for you and if this was the case people would be losing a lot more weight than they are now. These “Lower Calorie” products are mostly filled with artificial substances. Let's face it, these artificial substances “Toxins” that they put in our food are not bio-friendly. What this means is that your body doesn’t know what to do with them. Therefore a calorie isn’t the same anymore as when they first introduced it and the truth is they want you to think that it's the same. These “Toxins” can harm your body...and guess what most of those diet products contain in them? Artificial substances!

Why are Artificial substances “Toxins” bad?

There are a lot of scientific terms and they would confuse most people so I am going to break it down in simple terms for the time being. These “Toxins” can build up in your body causing metabolic syndrome (slowing down your metabolic rates meaning you keep the weight on), altering your cells' anatomy, becoming insulin resistant (becoming a diabetic), leaky gut, and so much more. What they don’t want you to know is that the food that you are consuming causes you to become sick. The longer you're sick, the more money that someone else makes. For example, the longer you are sick the more money the pharmacy industry makes! This is because now you have to take medications (sometimes long-term) to control your ”sickness.” Please hear me out. I am not telling you to stop taking your medications (consult your practitioner if you desire to do so), but what I am saying is that the food you eat can be medicine for your body or it can be a toxin that harms your body. And you get to choose this each and every day. This is what they call Mindful eating. Stop, pause and ask yourself will what I am about to eat brings nourishment to my body, or is it going to harm my body.

So where do you start?

I get this question a lot in my coaching and conversations with others that want to improve their health. There are many different steps and approaches to this. The key is to take it little by little and see what works. If you try and do all this at one time you're going to end up giving up because you will feel like you can’t eat anything. The first step is to aim for organic foods. These foods aren’t altered (GMO’s). However, make sure that they do not contain antibiotics either (this is for another conversation). These types of food help aid the food and serve as fuel and medicine. Your body can tolerate them so much more than the artificial ones that have been altered. The catch with these is, they cost a lot more than the altered foods. Yes, Organic foods do cost more and sadly this is the truth, and honestly, they shouldn’t! They are produced with no artificial substances. But what they have done is that they have substituted so much with artificial substances in the altered foods that it’s hardly even food anymore. These artificial substances are cheaper for the manufacturer, therefore the altered-artificial foods are cheaper. And BOOM that’s where they got you! Why pay more when you can get the same product for less? But really is that product even the same?

So this all comes down to this for today Eat Organically and stay away from altered-artificial foods!

Here is a Quick Reference guide that can help you start to eat healthier!

  • Eat organically! Locally is even better! Find a reliable organic farmer near you. This not only helps your body but you are supporting individuals that are wanting to help others with REAL food.

  • If you afford organic food products then try eating food products that have less than 5 ingredients. This requires that you look at the food label and see if there are more than 5 ingredients on the label. If there are more than 5 I suggest you find something else.

  • Stay away from processed foods! This can be very tricky to recognize, and you can pretty much guarantee that any food in a fast food place is processed!! So I highly recommend that you make your own meals. Get organic foods and prepare your own meal. This way you cut down on artificial ingredients. I will expand more on processed foods in a later post.

  • Before eating foods stop for a moment and ask yourself will the food you are about to eat brings nourishment to your body or is it "Toxins" that will end up harming your body.

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