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Healing the Soul Outreach

This past two Sundays I took our Children's Church ages 7-11 to the river front. We sat there with soft music playing for a while. Connecting our hearts to God. Then we painted different pieces of art work. We would then give them out to complete strangers. People we did not know. We wanted to give a gift of love, a gift of nothing in return. Something that would help heal the soul.

Many of the individuals there were grateful to receive such a gift. Others rejected it not knowing what to do with it. But for those that did take it, the smiles on their face was priceless. That was the impact! Giving pieces of art work to access the soul. Many of us walk around with our problems all bottled up inside not knowing how to get it out. But when you give someone a gift, you can bypass that seal and access the heart. There in that moment healing can begin.

If you an idea to start healing your town, city, state. A great way is to access the heart. there are many forms to get there, but one special way is a simple heART work. Something created from your heart to bless someone else. Start there, then expand when new ideas come.

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