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Grounding the new way to energize your body.

Grounding or Earthing is not a new term by no means, however, many still do not know about the wonderful benefits that it gives. Before we jump in let me explain by what I mean by Grounding/Earthing. Grounding also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth.(1)

Why is this important?

Well, there is a lot of science behind it and I encourage you to do some of your own research. I am a strong believer in knowing why you believe something not just because someone told you, but I will try my best to explain in a user-friendly type of way. First, let's talk about atoms for a moment. Atoms are tiny particles that make up all we see. In the human body alone there are billions if not trillions of atoms. That being said our body is a bio-electrical being and those atoms hold an electrical charge. It is our job to help charge the body. If your body has an effective amount of charge then you will have more energy. The vice versa is very true as well if you have a low charge then you have low energy and when we have a low amount of energy then we have a lower defense mechanism. Which means that we get sicker easier and faster.

What benefits come with grounding?

  • Cardiovascular Disease! this one seems to catch my interest a lot. Studies have proven that long term grounding helps to decrease blood pressure. YES! A natural way to decrease blood pressure.

  • Decrease in anxiety or/and depression. Grounding helps rejuvenate the body which would decrease anxiety and depression. 30 minutes to one hour of grounding can improve mood.

  • Chronic pain being reduced. There have been many studies that have shown that grounding reduces chronic pain. Yes, you heard correctly you can significantly reduce your pain by just grounding each day. Who wouldn't love to have less pain?!

  • As stated before ENERGY! I have heard many complain of lack of energy, grounding will help give you energy! This would be a decrease of fatigue too!

  • There are many more benefits, just do a quick search and find the many health improvements you can gain.

So how do we ground ourselves?

  • Walking around barefooted! It's actually fairly easy and just about anyone can do it. All you have to do is go outside and take your shoes off! There is a small catch you have to keep your feet on surfaces that will conduct electricity. So that means grass, sand, standing in waves on a beach! Surfaces to avoid would be concrete and rubber.

  • Lying down on the grass. Another great way to do so is the lay on the ground this can be done at many places you can even practice this at a local park. same catches apply as walking around make sure that its surfaces that can conduct electricity.

  • If you can't walk, stand or lay on the ground then just take your shoes off and sit on a bench where your feet are touching the ground. This will provide benefits too! Just figure out which one you would be able to do and ground yourself daily for about 30 minutes to an hour.

See Grounding is a very easy technique that has so many benefits. You can easily add this to any routine that you already have in place. Try is out for a week (most state to see benefits to continue grounding for 2 weeks or more.) and see how you feel afterward. If this helps continue to do so. And if for some reason you don't feel different you will enjoy just getting outside for a little and enjoy the nature around you!

Until Next time,

Kraspedon Healing Arts

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