God is Everywhere part 2


So previous we discussed about how God is everywhere. That He himself holds everything together. That he is omnipresent which simply means everywhere at all times. So I want to go a little deeper this time and discuss a different revelation that He gave me not to long ago about this topic. (Just a fair warning this does go pretty deep but rest assure that if you just hang on to the ending you will have a better concept of what I mean.)

So if God holds everything together then essentially he holds every atom together. Everything we see is made of atoms, in fact there are even atoms we don't see but they are there and without them we would cease to exist. If you search how an atoms hold together you will quickly discover that there is a force that holds different particles together forming an atom. There are two different forces that is actually holding it together. You have a "strong force" that is holding the nucleus and a another force that is electrically charged containing electrons. Both of these are held together by a force that we still don't fully comprehend because the atom is so small and even scientist try to figure out. They have many different theories but we aren't going to go over all of those. in fact that is about all the depth we really need to go. So we discussed that God is the force or "glue" that holds everything together because He is everywhere. and here in science we discover that there is forces holding even atoms together. These atoms are literally all around us.


This force is so powerful that if you tried, and successfully achieved, splitting this force or splitting an atom, a powerful explosion would be created. Because this force was never meant to be separated. In fact this has happened in history and killed an estimate at the highest 226,000 this event was the atomic bomb. The force of God is powerful, and dangerous for us to try and alter. That being said........


Now I can get to where I am trying to take us lol. We know that God is everywhere and is holding everything together even the atoms around us. There is oxygen atoms that we are constantly breathing in everyday. And if we are breathing in atoms and God is holding those atoms together we are actually breathing in the presence of God, all day, everyday! He is literally just a breathe away. Without Him we would die/perish. Without the presence of God everything would fall apart, the atoms would explode and if that didn't kill you by some miracle, you would die of lack of oxygen. God is everything, and in fact it is said that the breathe sounds that we make sound like Yall.....Way..... which is interesting because the name of God is Yahweh (pronounced Yall Way or the best we can make it sound like) So each day and every moment of the day you are declaring Gods name and in return His presence is entering your body giving you the essentials you need to stay alive. Is that not amazing to ponder on.

So while you ponder on this today I pray that Papa Yahweh just reveals Himself in a way that you have never experienced before. That each breathe you take in, you feel the closeness of God. That this closeness conquers depression, anxiety, fear, suicidal thoughts, the orphan spirit, anything and everything that holds you bond down. This usually come about from a mentally that you are alone, or feel like no one cares. But if that was the fact, if God didn't care, He wouldn't supply the oxygen around us. If He didn't care so much for us, then he wouldn't hold it all together around us and just watch us die. I pray that His touch releases you from these and if replaced by the freedom of what God has paid for us. Take care and until we meet again ~Get out there and Create!~

Kraspedon Arts

Watch out for Part 3




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