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Holistic Life Design Coaching

What is exactly is Holistic Life Design Coaching?


I am truly excited to tell you about a new type of nursing that has been created not too long ago to better the health and wellness of the population. This type of nursing is trained to coach you on how to better your Life, and your Health and Wellness needs. I feel called to help you better your life through holistic lifestyle modifications. This could be nutrition lifestyle modifications, like plant-based foods, smoking cessation, controlling your glucose or your cholesterol levels so that you can live your life to the fullest! Take for example a newly diagnosed diabetic individual may hear from their doctor to watch what they eat, limit sugars/carbs, and monitor their glucose (blood sugar) levels. Wow, that's really helpful, NOT! They don't take the time to get to know your needs. What foods do you like to eat, what kind of meals can we create together to control your blood sugar. What kind of exercises can we add to help you stay in control of it and LIVE LIFE!! That is exactly what a Life Design Coach does!

What do I bring to the table that is different from any other Life, or Health and Wellness Coaches?

That's a great question! As a Board Certified Nurse Coach I have gone through special, rigorous training and passed a national certification test to prove my competency in Life, Spiritual, Health and Wellness coaching. I have seen others just like you transform their lives during coaching sessions. They become brave, individuals willing to take a chance, to step out from the ordinary, into their life's calling. I have worked with a range of people in my nursing career and have helped many along the way to heal themselves and start taking the steps to get their life back. I have seen people in the lowest times of their life and the high times. We will face mountains at times but you can overcome them. My expertise ranges from life/dream mapping, life/dream awakening, health, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, smoking cessation, lifestyle medicine, lifestyle design, spiritual mapping/planning, social relationships, environmental health, effective sleep patterns, and so much more! But what I want to see is you becoming you! You are the only you in the world that has ever been created. So isn't it time for you to discover who that is?  


Are You Ready? 


Don't let another moment go by that you could be helping yourself. If your like me you have helped others and enjoy doing it but what about you? If anything that I have said touches you then don't hesitate!! Don't let this be something that you regret later in life. The best part is that our first meet and greet session is at a low cost to you!! I will not hold you to anything until after that meeting if you wish to continue. This meeting is for us to get to know each other and see if we are a great fit. This allows us time to see how you want to improve your awesome self. All this comes down to, I can't wait to meet you! I believe in you! I want to see you living the best you can be! So what's the next step? Follow the link, create a profile and book a session for us to meet! This can be in-person if you leave near the Owensboro KY area, or via an online platform for example Zoom. Get ready to start your new adventure!

*a limitation that a Nurse Coach must abide is the license that they are allowed to work in. If you live in a state that I do not currently have authorization in, I will partner with my amazing network of Nurse Coaches to find someone for you!