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How to Blend Acrylic Paint

Ever wanted to know how to blend acrylic paint? Well here is your chance! Blending can be very tricky when it comes to acrylic paint especially if its your a novice at it. But don't give up you can do it!

Shading Vs. Shadowing

Here I discuss the difference between shading and shadowing. These terms are close but have two different meanings. If you want your art to look better you have to get both of these down.

Color Theory For Beginners

A simple way to discover color theory and learn how to mix color. This is for beginners and a very simple approach and easy to learn. Hope this helps out and teaches you how to use a few colors to create a greater color palette

How to Make Clouds using a Mop Brush

Here we briefly go over how to paint clouds with the help of a Mop Brush. Mop Brushes can be used in a variety of ways but mostly we use them when we are applying clouds in our paintings. It can be a little tricky at first but can be adapted quickly.

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