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Mindfulness/Meditation Mondays!


Let's start the week off right!! I love the statement, "Either you own your day, or your day owns you!" With so many stressors fighting for our attention, it is easy to allow our day to overtake us. When this happens, we become narrow in our focus and thinking. Sadly creative solutions to our problems become halted. It's essential for us to take a step back and breathe, become grounded in the moment, and express gratitude for the day and upcoming events. Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation will allow better focus, gain clarity, allow creative solutions to manifest, and more!

Bio-Energy Field

Bring harmony to your body, Mindy, and Spirit. This will help with balancing ourselves and allow energy to flow. By slowing down, we allow our bodies to repair and heal itself. Therefore we can be ready for the day and the week ahead!

Building Community

This is a Live Group Zoom session. You will be surrounded and supported be like minded people. When we come together and support each other, creative solutions seem to flow naturally. Can't make the live session? No worries! Each session will be recorded and sent out each Monday. Better yet, you can replay this throughout the week for additional support to get you through the week. 

Starting May 2nd at 6:30am CST
Sessions will last 30-45 minutes

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