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The practice of mindfulness is being in the moment. This helps strengthen and create new neuropathways and helps one to be in the moment. In these sessions we would focus on how to hold mindfulness, how to be in the moment. How to slow down and see all that is around you.

  Practicing Mindfulness will allow better focus, gain clarity, allow creative solutions to manifest, and more!

Bio-Energy Field

Bring harmony to your body, Mindy, and Spirit. This will help with balancing ourselves and allow energy to flow. By slowing down, we allow our bodies to repair and heal itself. Therefore we can be ready for the day and the week ahead!

This is a 1 to 1 mindfulness session In-person (If you live locally) or via Zoom. You have two options $30.00 per session or $90.00 for 4 sessions! After you book the first we will discuss when the next session will be.

1 to 1 Session

Bundle Sessions

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