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Spirituality or lack thereof effects us greatly. Spirituality gives one a purpose in life and some kind of spiritual fulfillment.

Spirituality helps us define our morals, and belief system. Without a defined system you become lost and don't have a clear path of what you are trying to accomplished spirituality and this will effect you greatly internally. Its easy to identify things on the outside that can harms you. However, many of us forget about our internal being. When we leave out this it manifests in the physical.

Single Sessions are typically between 45-60 minutes long. If you are needing a shorter time or plan on a longer session inform me so that we can prorate accordingly.

Single sessions (45-60 minutes)                                     $30 each

Spiritual Experience Package covers one session in each topic below. This is typically broken up. meaning that you will meet multiple times to cover the content. After going through the SEP any single session are discounted by  

Spiritual Being Package                                           $100


The practice of mindfulness is being in the moment. This helps strengthen and create new neuropathways and helps one to be in the moment. 

In these sessions we would focus on how to hold mindfulness, how to be in the moment. How to slow down and see all that is around you.


The word meditation comes from the Latin word meditārī, which has a range of meanings including to reflect on, to study, and to practice. Meditation is the process of deliberately focusing on specific thoughts and reflecting on their meaning.  (Wikipedia)

Just using simple passages, phrases, or words and reflecting on them throughout the day make a big impact even if its just for a for moments. In these sessions we will breakdown what is important to you. Find a word, passage, quote, or even a phrase that you can focus on to help your spiritual being grow.

Spiritual Mapping:

I absolutely would love to sit down with you and map out your spiritual experiences. See how you are growing and what might have triggered those experiences. Or even better, if you have not had a spiritual experience I we would discuss ways that could help you.

Spiritual Planning:

We all know that it is extremely important to feed your body. Food produces energy for our cells so they operate the way there were designed and we can live. Well just like having physical substances you need to have spiritual food as well. In these session we would go over how to feed your spirit side and allow your spiritual being to grow.

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