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Your Body was created to heal itself.

The body is a complex organism. You have cells that die and replace daily, and within 10 years your whole body has been recreated. Your Body was created to heal itself. But how can your body be given the opportunity to do so if you don't take care of it? How do you expect to reach those dreams if your body isn't capable of doing so?



Vigorous activity required

To keep our bodies strong and healthy we must exercise! and really its best to have some kind of exercise daily. You need to add a complex regime to strengthen the whole body and work out different parts of the body. The AHA recommends at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of heart-pumping physical activity per week. This isn't just simply taking a walk down the street but actually vigorous aerobic activity. To keep a healthy heart flowing you got to exercise it!

Target Heart Rate

To optimize your exercise you need to keep your heart rate at a certain level throughout your activity. Going to high and your just over working yourself and you wont see progress steady. If your level is to low your not getting enough strenuous activity, therefore not much change will occur. Staying right in the range helps your body stay at a consistent level. This helps with blood flow throughout your entire body. nutrients, electrolytes, oxygen, etc. circulates better and what your body needs it can get. If you want your body to heal its self give it what it needs!

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