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Sound Healing

Sound Healing


Our bodies are constantly putting off energy frequencies. By using sound frequency we can help the energy centers, allow the body to reset and self-heal, and mostly importantly you can help raise the energy frequency. 


  • Decreases Stress

  • Decreases Anxiety

  • Decreases Depression

  • Increases Mental Clarity

  • Improves memory

  • Allow Wound to Heal

  • Increases Overall Wellbeing

Bio-Energy Field

Bring harmony to your body, Mindy, and Spirit. This will help with balancing ourselves and allow energy to flow. By slowing down, we allow our bodies to repair and heal itself. Therefore we can be ready for the day and the week ahead!

Sound Frequency

By using different sound frequencies you can allow the mind to relax and break out of the fight/flight cycle. This gives the body a chance to self-heal.

This can be done In-Person or virtually!! You have two options $60.00 per session or 4 bundle sessions for $200.00! This allows the healing to continue to work throughout your body. After you book the first we will discuss when the next session will be.

1 to 1 Session

Bundle Sessions

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