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Body, Soul, and Spirit

How the body works

Your body is a delicate system and needs balance to achieve full health and wellness. In one aspect is off your whole body will suffer. With a Holistic approach we look at all aspects and treat you as a whole being. That means we don't just focus on one counter part. For example modern medicine focuses on just the disease problem and they attempt to fix the symptom (Body).  However, doing so leaves out the Soul, and Spirit. A holistic practitioner would want to know how is this effecting your emotional health, that could be in the form of stress, and is that effecting your spirituality as well. So here is an example of what I mean. A client presents themselves to the clinic and is not feeling good about a newly diagnoses of COPD. Modern Medicine Practitioner may just prescribe an inhaler, and maybe a steroid and wish you the best and tell you to come back if you need them. A holsitic practitioner would be asking how is this new problem effecting your wellbeing? It this causing problems with your every day activities that you enjoy? Is this causing a stressful enviroment at home?  If your an a religious person are you able to still make it to religious functions? What can we do to aid you in living life to the fullest. You the client is the center of the focus and we want to see you still living the best life capable. That's the difference. One problem can effect your entire being. To understand more click the buttons to the different parts that make you a human being.

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