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About Me


I am a Board Certified Holistic Nurse (HNB-BC) and a Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach (HWNC-BC).  This means that I have been trained in the art of Health and Wellness modalities. That I have acquired 120+ hours in this area which included  supervised coaching sessions, and private sessions. I have passed a national nursing board exam through the AHNCC to ensure that I am competent in coaching. Some of those skills that I have been trained in would be but not limited to Lifestyle Medicine, Lifestyle Design, Sleep, Environmental Health, ETOH, Meditation, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management,  Energy Healing, and more! This approach is based on positive psychology to help foster a patient centered care model that helps involve the patient in the middle therefore, in complete control of their decisions for health and wellness. These teachings are strongly based on Holistic Nursing Theories and Philosophies. I have over 5 years of nursing experience that ranges from in patient care to care in the home. I have a passion for holistic medicine and strive to learn more about it. Especially those that educate on how to repair the soul and spirit. I believe that your body was created to heal itself. I am also convinced that our current healthcare model has failed us and needs assistance changing from a focused problem mindset to a mindset that helps the over human being. This would include care for the Body, Soul, and Spirit.

I strongly encourage you to change your daily habits and become a new, healthier YOU!

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