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Energy and Sound healing


Hi my name is J.R. and I am a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Holsitic Energy and Sound Healing. I have been practicing these modalities for years now and you know why? It actually works by allowing the human body to self heal!

Are you ready to take your coaching or healing practice to the next level?

Applying Energy Healing can help you improve yourself, attract clients, reach your goals, and allow your body to heal! You can use these techniques to improve your health and to attract clients that need your help!

If you are a Health Care worker I am sure that they left this out of your training. I have been trained in the medical model of care, and it addresses symptom control but not the root problem. . By treating symptoms it becomes an endless cycle of medication and side effects.

There is an answer!

The Energetic Healing Model. This approach has been around for thousands of years but is mostly used on the Eastern Side of the World. It works with the Bio-Energy Field and Sound Frequency. Discovering root causes and having your body radiate a higher energy frequency is critical.  By applying the Energetic Healing approach we can allow the body to self-heal. 

Do you want to know more on how you can apply this type of modality and see individuals living the best life possible? Message me and lets talk and see how I can serve you in this capacity.


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